Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AASU leads Incarnate Word 3-0 After Doubles

The Lady Pirates finally took the court after a 4:08 match, won by Francis Marion over Abilene Christian, 5-4.

AASU's doubles results against Incarnate Word:

#1 Gabriella Kovacs/Iuliia Stupak (AASU) def. Capozzi/Carswell (UIW), 8-3
#2 Martina Beckmann/Alida Muller-Wehlau (AASU) def. Engberg/Trautman (UIW), 8-3
#3 Sofia Haggstrom/Alisa Kagukina (AASU) def. Passanisi/Pope (UIW), 8-1

AASU leads 3-0 and will need two wins in singles to clinch the match. Head coach Simon Earnshaw has decided to move his singles lineup up, giving Iuliia Stupak a rest, so Johanna Dahlback will play No. 1 singles and Alisa Kagukina will move into the No. 6 singles spot.